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Dating South African men & women

Every month thousands of our users sign up with the aim to start dating South African men & women. We encourage you to do the same, however before you do it might be a good idea to read below to find out some interesting information about what to expect should you start dating South African men and women.

South African citizens are amongst the friendliest in the world. They are welcoming and enjoy introducing visitors to their home and culture. You will probably here the word ‘Ubuntu’ used often. This is used by many local people and simply means ‘humanity towards others’. This common phrase symbolises just how kind and caring South African people are. This not only makes South Africa a great place to visit or live, but also the perfect place to find your future soul mate!

There are some differences that are worth noting when it comes to South African men and women. The women of South Africa tend to be more direct when it comes to dating. They are sometimes precise and specific when it comes to what they’re looking for in a dating partner or potential relationship. We conducted a survey asking South African women what they looked for in a man. Although there were many responses, some characteristics repeatedly cropped up. A large number of women said that their ideal man would be attractive, ambitious, trustworthy and humorous. So for those of you out there hoping to date a South African woman, be sure to tick some of those boxes!

Family is also an important factor for both South African women and men. Parents teach family values to their children from a very young age. Perhaps this is why family is such a huge part of their culture. So although it may only be your first or second date, don’t be surprised if you’re asked about your long term desires for a family.

When dating a South African man, it’s important to understand that they like to be protective about their women, including someone that they are dating, their friends or family. Due to this reason, they don’t like it if women dress in revealing, inappropriate clothes or if they go out alone late at night. So if you’re going to go on a date with a South African man, consider your dress choice carefully!

So if you are thinking of or currently dating South African men and women then always remember family is important, as are your characteristics and they way you present yourself in public! Why not join our other members in the search for your perfect South African man or woman today?

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