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Never Married
Toronto, Ontario
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Female 24

I don't like describing myself... I am 24, Jamaican born, lived in Canada for many years... I think I'm a great girl with a sense of humor. I've been told that I have a big personality. I enjoy traveling, dining out, dancing, movies, shopping, reading, meeting new people, and overall having a great time. I'm not here looking for a relationship, in fact I'm just getting out of a long term relationship, I'm just looking to make new friends and see where it goes. I'm goal orientated, and very ambitious, I want the best out of life and I have no problem working hard to achieve it. I have a child so please take that into consideration, I don't mind meeting other single parents. If you want to get to know me better please drop me a line, I will be posting my pic soon. Thanks and have a great day! Looking For: I'm looking for someone who has a few things or all things in common with me, someone who is willing to take things slow and get to know each other. Overall I'm looking for a friend before a lover, I know the word friend sometimes scare men, but I have to be honest. If your not scared, lets have some fun and get to know each other.

Best Feature
I'll tell you later
5'  3"   (160 cm)
Family Roots
Black / African descent
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Associate Degree
Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations
Some Other Viewpoint
What languages do you speak?
Favorite Music
Hard Rock / Metal, Rap / Hip-Hop, Reggae, Latin, Gospel
Favorite Actors
Denzil! Did you see him in Training Day?
Favorite Actresses
Halle, Jada, and the list could go on...
Favorite Artists
Not sure..
Favorite Athletes
I love Allan Iverson, so...
Favorite Authors
Erick Jerome Dickey
Favorite Books
Brave New World
Favorite Cities
I love NY
Favorite Clothing Stores
Forget the store, just drop me off at the mall!
Favorite Colors
Favorite Country
Jamaica, Jamaica
Favorite Drinks
Amareto, and Coke
Favorite Fashion Designers
Wow thats hard too... I'll say...Dior and Gucci
Favorite Fast Foods
I love to hate it, Mc Donalds
Favorite Magazines
Source, Essence, Vibe,
Favorite Comedies
Blue Streak
Favorite Dramas
Jason's Lyric
Favorite Horror Movies
Pet Semetary
Favorite Action Movies
Favorite News Anchor
Get outta here, your not serious!
Favorite Night Clubs
I love to party, so as long the music is good, and there is a lot of dancing. I'm there
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
on my neck, I find that really sexy
Favorite Plays
Da Kink in My Hair
Favorite Politicians
I don't get involve
Favorite Sports Teams
the Raptors Man!!
Favorite Quote From A Movie
"Say good night to tha bad guy"
Favorite Restaurants
Favorite Songs At The Moment
This is why I'm hot!
Favorite Sports
Basketball/Gymnastics/Volleyball, love them all
Favorite Stocks
I have no idea, I would love to learn though
Favorite TV Comedies
The Steve Harvey Show
Favorite TV Dramas
Favorite TV News Sources
Favorite Foods
All types
Favorite Styles Of Music
R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Reggae, a little top 40
i love going to BBQ's in the summer
Never been would love to go
Card Games
I can play a few
Love them and I have one
I love cooking, I like cooking new things aswell
Live Concerts
I love seeing people live
Did I mention that I love to shop
This is my Heart's desire
Adventurousness Very Daring
Affectionateness Average
Trustingness Somewhat Gullible
Confidence Average
Independence Somewhat Independent
Mood Somewhat Chill
Romance Average
Sociability Very Extroverted
Thought Process Average
Tolerance Average
Dress Average
Energy Very High
Go Party Rarely
Neatness Somewhat Neat
Punctuality Often Early
Spending Out Of Control
Work Ethic Workaholic
Describe the perfect evening.
As long as I'm with people that I love, every weekend or evening is perfect
How many kids would you like to have?
I already have one, so including him 2-3
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
wow, usually woman have a long list, I only have one thing, I would want a way bigger butt! Mine is cute, but I want it to be bigger!
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
I don't know...
What do your friends tease you about the most?
My big breast, lord if I wear one more top that shows them off... I like them and all them girls are just haters! (Laughing)
What gets on your nerves?
People who lie, just be honest, it takes you a lot further in life
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
What turns you off?
Boby odor!
What turns you on?
A nice smile
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
I sould be sucessfull in my career, happy, maybe even married, and travelled to my first destination Brazil!
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