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African women dating white men

Interracial relationships are now more popular than ever. The increasing amount of users signing up to interracial dating sites is on the rise rapidly and finding your perfect match has never been easier!

Our site is the proud home to thousands of users, all different races, age, sizes and from across the entire world! We are responsible for thousands of happy relationships all across the globe! We conducted some research to investigate any dating trends with our members over the last year. Our data showed that in the last year, 96% of our users have said that they went on a date that they enjoyed and 85% of them went onto arrange a second date! Moreover, there was a 35% increase in the amount of African men dating white women and an impressive 45% increase in African women dating white men. In addition, 65% of our white male users had made profile searches looking for African women. These figures are interesting, particularly relating to the changes in African women dating white men.

There are many reasons that more singles are looking for love with people that are of a different race. One of the main reasons is due to culture. In this modern era, people are no longer scared by others cultures and beliefs, instead we embrace it. Due to this, more people are discovering their soul mates outside of their own cultures.

According to dating experts, attraction has a great influence on the amount of people choosing to have interracial dates, relationships and marriage. One of our dating experts commented on the trend, “the attraction of interracial relationships is similar to the experience that you feel when you are going shopping. When we’re shopping we see something that we like, and we really want it, because we don’t have it. Similarly, when we meet someone of a different race, there is an attraction because we don’t have what they do, such as their skin colour, and it’s a humans instinct to want something or someone that we don’t have’.

Relationship psychologists have also shown that those in interracial relationships remain together longer than same race couples. Dr Stewart, the head of psychological studies at the University of London explains this statistic. “We need to constantly learn and grow in a relationship, and dating someone from a different culture or race allows us to do so. When you are in an interracial relationship you have to learn, adapt and appreciate a different culture and way of living. Due to this you are always growing as a person and as a couple, making the relationship stronger in the long run”.

So, our data indicates more people are participating in interracial dating, especially African men dating white women and African women dating white men. This is likely due to culture, attraction and the personal growth that you experience in such relationships! So if you’ve yet to find your soul mate, why not sign up today and start searching now.

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